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About Playful Shark

Playful Shark, an Israeli company, develops custom gamification solutions for any business, specifically targeting start-ups. Though the company’s focus is game design and development, their services allow client brands to enhance customer experiences online through interactive and engaging programs. Playful Shark provides brands worldwide with engagement and loyalty-building tools using gamification technology.

Playful Shark’s experience with game design and development sets their gamification services apart from the competition. The company’s process starts by conducting a brainstorming meeting that focuses on learning about a brand’s identity, products, and customer base. Then, Playful Shark collaborates with the client brands to identify known motivators and target behaviors prior to beginning the design process. Playful Shark’s gamification tools allow customers to interact with brands cross-platform while earning points, badges, status upgrades and recognition. Customers are able to compare their progress with other brand enthusiasts via a real-time leaderboard that encourages increased engagement through friendly competition. By earning badges and achievements, customers gain real-world incentives and become further aligned with a brand. Businesses benefit from implementing gamification techniques to drive brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and generate more revenue.

Playful Shark appeals to companies seeking a scalable and affordable engagement solution that still provides results. Playful Shark’s custom gamification tools allow companies to increase brand exposure, retain customers, and efficiently reward brand loyalty. This leads to increased engagement and the strengthening of customer relationships. By implementing Playful Shark’s services, businesses enjoy long-term customer engagement and increased revenue.

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