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About Planvisage

Planvisage is supply chain management (SCM) software from SCM Solutions, LLC, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Planvisage has two major solutions: forecasting and replenishment, and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) factory planning. These two solutions are tightly integrated, but can be installed independently as separate solutions, each for different markets.

The Planvisage order management software is responsive, allowing for re-planning multiple times a day to cater for any challenges, and also complements any enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, including Oracle and SAP. Planvisage Forecasting and Replenishment inclusive of Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) is built for retail, distribution, wholesale, or manufacturing industries. Managing demand is configured to support the needs of all users through a unique set of structures to facilitate market segments and sales categories. Planvisage APS has two key modules, Production Planner and Production Scheduler, both of which target manufacturing companies. The software caters to several production strategies while planning for constraints, using back and forward scheduling techniques where appropriate. One key differentiator of the Planvisage solution is that it has a built-in Master Data Management (MDM) module. This helps build data fields, custom menus, screens, validations, business rules and reports.

Planvisage has a global client base, with more than 70 client companies across a wide spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, capital equipment, consumer goods, household cleaners, pharmaceuticals, retail, textiles, wholesalers, and many more. Planvisage from SCM Solutions merits consideration as a production planning and supply chain management software solution for Demand Planning and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).

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