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About WaudWare PICS

Founded in 1989 and located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Waudware, Inc. is the provider of a produce inventory control system known as PICS. Waudware’s founder, F. Charles Waud, is an expert in inventory management software with a special interest in the produce field. He holds multiple positions in trade and working groups dedicated to the produce industry.

PICS, the produce inventory control system by Waudware, is comprised of nine major components. The first is the Buying component, which integrates with the Accounts Payable component — two clicks can turn a PO into an A/P voucher. Some of its many features include an interface allowing electronic sales confirmation through Willson International, and tools to calculate grower’s pay — based on revenue minus packing, freight, labor and rebates. The Selling component allows orders to be entered at any time right up to the moment of pickup, and grouping of orders for distribution of freight costs. The Inventory component is a full-on inventory control system. It provides physical inventorying with or without barcode readers, generation of barcode stickers, and management of multiple warehouses and pick locations. The Production component allows “many-to-many” work orders, i.e. combining many items to create two or more output orders. It also includes BOM generation from work orders, a labor management component that matches employees to work orders for accurate costing. The Growing component enables tracking from the receipt of seed, through all intervening steps up to and including harvest. The Brokerage component is useful when businesses are paid to effect the sale of product from one party to another without taking ownership themselves. The Brokerage component is fully integrated with all other screens in PICS. The remaining modules are Accounting, Security and Information Management. PICS is a remarkable example of supply chain management software tailored to the produce industry.

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