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About PBL Scorecard

Competitive Solutions, Inc., creators of the PBL Scorecard, has over 25 years of experience in consulting and leadership training. CSI specializes in helping organizations develop meaningful business metrics, create a culture of accountability,and improve communication by deploying what they call ‘Process Based Leadership’ (PBL). The PBL methodology helps organizations achieve total process connectivity, consistency, and 100 percent utilization within all layers or departments within an organization. 

What is Process Based Leadership? 

A process is a system of operations or series of actions, changes, or functions that achieve an end result. In the context of management, four key processes must be established, understood, and implemented throughout the organization to successfully achieve bottom-line results, and these processes must be non-negotiable. They include:

  • Accountability
  • Business Focus
  • Communication
  • Behavioral Expectation

Competitive Solutions’ PBL Scorecard is a multi-lingual, intuitive, web-based business scorecard software solution that incorporates all four of the above processes. Developed at the request of Competitive Solutions’ clients, PBL Scorecard was initially offered as a replacement for Word or Excel-based documents that supported the Process Based Leadership system. Since then, the PBL Scorecard has been deployed by organizations looking to improve their Process Based Leadership, as well as organizations just looking for a better scorecard software solution. Competitive Solutions presents the following as benefits of implementing the PBL Scorecard software:

  • Simplicity- The easy-to use format brings familiar functions and layouts, shortening the learning curve
  • Multi-Lingual- Let users choose their own language (English, French, Spanish, Dutch)
  • Cascading Data- Easy to create automatic data roll-up and it also provides management with metric drill-down capabilities
  • Import- Data can be easily imported from a multitude of sources, reducing the need for inefficient manual entry
  • Employee Engagement- Metrics have assigned owners and participants, encouraging higher awareness and employee buy-in
  • 24/7 Access- The cloud-based delivery means you can access your PBL Scorecard anytime, anywhere
  • At the Ready- The specific data you need can be populated on a custom dashboard, or is just a click away — charts, graphs, and more. 

Not sure if PBL Scorecard is the right dashboard software solution for your organization? See more options in our Dashboard Software Product Selection Tool, or if you’d prefer, call, click, or email to speak with an unbiased Technology Advisor about how PBL Scorecard or similar systems can help meet your business’ unique needs. 

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