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About Palantir

Palantir offers two data fusion platforms: Gotham and Metropolis. Both are designed to be extraordinarily flexible, with public API for each function, and an architecture of code specifically designed for customization. It is designed to complement your existing IT structure, and integrate all data in a number of diverse ways, including direct import, federated search, and web services.

Palantir Gotham is designed for enterprises that need to rapidly interpret and assimilate large chunks of data. It features the Palantir Workspace, which has an intuitive interface and allows data analysis to happen in a user-friendly space. Raptor allows the user to conduct federated search without having to consolidate data on a certain instance. It also offers a mobile function. Palantir Metropolis helps speed workflow with a platform specifically geared toward quantitative analysis. It is also excellent for those wanting a more custom approach, as the building blocks in Metropolis are accessible through an easy-to-learn programming language called Hedgehog, specifically designed for non-programmers. Metropolis also contains templates, and access to visualization tools.

One of Palantir’s biggest clients is the US government. Palantir’s data tools have been used in anti-terrorist maneuvers by rooting out terrorist-funding networks, finding trends in roadside bomb attacks, and they were also used in tracking Osama bin Laden. In the private sector, it has assisted pharmaceutical companies in expediting the research and development of new treatments for different diseases and ailments.

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