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About Masskom

Masskom is a cloud-based internal communications platform that enables management to disseminate core company strategy/messages and metrics to all employees, across locations, and on all devices. Appropriate for organizations of all sizes, Masskom allows internal communications to take place on a centralized platform that supports rich content via several mediums, including in-office displays and a native mobile application. 

Companies use Masskom to motivate, engage, and inform employees outside traditional communications channels. It incorporates game elements to help increase sales, encourage social sharing, recognize employees’ successes, and more. Companies who’ve adopted Masskom report increased morale, healthy competition, and overall engagement — all in an intuitive and affordable format. Perhaps the best aspect of Masskom is its simplicity; it can be implemented in a single day, it requires no maintenance, and integrates with your existing systems. There’s minimal training required for your corporate communications staff, and customer support is available 24/7.  

It includes over 30 message and presentation templates, and also directly integrates with Chrome or Chromecasts, allowing dashboards, leaderboards, and messages to be easily displayed on computers or televisions anywhere. 

Masskom believes “effective corporate communications is built on more than just occasional meetings or emails outlining a companies’ mission, vision, and values.” According to Masskom, “effective internal communication only happens when these key messages are delivered visually, frequently, in context, and in real-time.”

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