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About Infinisource iSolved

Infinisource was founded in 1986 as COBRA Compliance Systems, Inc. serving the education and administrative sectors. By 2003, the company had changed its name and expanded to offer benefit administration services. Today Infinisource is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and serves over 17,000 customers of small and mid-size companies and employs over 60,000 workers. Its solution, iSolved, is a workforce management software backed by 26 years of experience in addition to an on-staff legal team and subject matter experts. There is no software to purchase and install. With a single log-in, Infinisource provides all the tools to manage and grow your human capital and take care of all HR tasks.

The human capital management software lets you schedule shifts, track overtime, view payroll, manage benefits, write reports and more. All the important employee data, including benefits administration, can all be found in one place you can easily access from anywhere. The information is backed up and always secured. Simplified data entry ensures you will be more accurate, while even the most complicated tasks and calculations are automated to fit your company’s needs. The solution is fully integrated and scalable so it grows along with your business.

With the workforce management software, the HR, payroll and attendance information is always updated and synchronized to give you real-time, up-to-the-minute data. And, you no longer have to perform imports and exports or input duplicate data. Thanks to the human resources software the departments at your company will operate more smoothly with no data conflicts, reduced errors, and increased accuracy. By automating the process traditionally delegated to the HR and payroll departments, iSolved will boost performance, save time and increase your profits.

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