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Industry Specialties
Architecture / Engineering / Construction, Education and Training, Food and Beverage, Government / Public Administration, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation / Shipping
Works Best For
Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About INX +Process

INX +Process is a simple to use tool that automates processes managed across the INX product range so that everything from site entry to mobilization, booking requests, training and leave, and more can now be performed in one secure and controlled location. INX +Process allows users to automate business workflows and process improvements to ensure company operations run more efficiently and effectively. INX +Process eliminates the need for lengthy, paper-based approval processes. Workflows are automated and processed from one central location to save time and money and increase efficiency.

INX +Process ensures that departmental managers across health and safety, HR, Training and Compliance, Travel and Logistics, and general administration have complete control and visibility over requests, processes, and approvals by providing a streamlined approach through a browser solution.The solution moves away from offline, paper-based processing by allowing online submission of information for tasks such as site entry, people activation, and deactivation, booking requests, rescheduling requests, transferring of people and editing of personal information which follows company-specific workflows and approval steps. It ensures not only all users in the organization are kept informed, but that time is saved, errors eliminated, and resources used more efficiently.

Key features of INX +Process are workflows for roster updates, workflows for mobilization, workflows for rescheduling, workflows for re-booking, workflows for new booking, workflows for booking cancellations, workflows for editing and deactivating profiles, secure access, request tracking, automated notifications, unique logins for contractors, and a web-based presence. Integration with all modules of INX allows for less duplication of effort and lessens errors and omitted information in related records.

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