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About IC Project

IC Project is a web-based solution for project management. The system offers task management on Kanban card, internal communicator, mini CRM and time tracking. Users can set up clear task lists and automatic reminders so no steps are missed. All activities are tracked and available to be monitored, analyzed, and reported on.

The IC Project system was designed to facilitate precise project management. It allows the user to create plans and task groups as part of products. Task groups are divided into Kanban cards. As projects progress, activity is tracked and incurred costs of the project are available in a readable layout. This allows a quick response to any deviations from the plan. Jobs are divided into two groups – jobs assigned to the user and jobs assigned by the user to other people. The IC Project system shows which jobs are the most important and monitors all related activities for each project for a smooth progression of work. Additionally, jobs with a set deadline are presented on the calendar, which allows for a quick overview of the project schedule.

IC Project allows for monitoring and controlling a project and precise control of budget presumptions and projects. All reports can be configured according to a number of criteria and sent out electronically at arranged time periods. All activities are viewable on configurable dashboards for a clear view into project processes. The IC Project system contains a built-in calendar module, which helps the user manage their time by creating events and meetings. Integration to popular calendars such as Google Calendar and iCal is built in. IC Project presents all events and activities in the system in a consistent way on the stream. The stream with added permissions displays only the information which is meant directly for the recipient. Furthermore, the stream can be filtered by projects or recipients and is directly tied with the e-mail notifications, which are sent out to all relevant parties. The notifications are fully configurable globally and on a per-project basis.

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