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Elation Health EHRProduct Overview

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Elation Health EHR product overview

Elation Health is a technology platform for independent primary care. Since 2010, the company has delivered clinical-first solutions — built on a collaborative EHR platform — that enable practices to start, grow, communicate, and succeed in delivering high-quality personalized care to patients. The software supports primary care providers in upholding the craft of medicine while thriving in an evolving healthcare landscape. It currently serves 23,000 active clinicians at 2,100 clinics, caring for 9.3 million Americans.

Elation’s clinical-first EHR specializes in independent primary care practices and physicians. Practices can manage patient records, book and manage appointments, and view provider schedules. Additionally, the platform’s three-panel console and chronological health record give providers a complete view of the patient’s medical history. It also has a clinical profile that contains and maintains key patient health data, including problems, medications, immunizations, and allergies. The system pulls patient issues into assessments and SOAP notes and addresses them in real-time with the patient during the visit.

Physicians receive and share patient information, such as labs or consults, referrals to specialists, and other documentation, eliminating duplicate data entry and ensuring all information is correct and up-to-date. Elation also offers virtual care visits powered by Zoom. Its electronic chart sharing feature gives consulting physicians direct access to view the patient’s record, improving collaboration and longitudinal patient care. The platform stands up for the community of independent primary care, helping them navigate challenges, support their craft, innovate and deliver high results.

Pros of Elation Health EHR

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  • Elation has an intuitive design and comprehensive functionality woven into modern technology that supports rather than disrupts the practice of medicine. Key features of the EHR include the clinical profile, three-panel console, chronological record, dynamic charting tools, and visit note templates. The platform also offers e-faxing and point-of-care integrations such as electronic orders and results, and e-prescribing. It improves physician and patient clinical experience, reduces administrative burden, and aligns and strengthens care team engagement.
  • Physicians and care team members, both internal and external, have full visibility of their patient’s health with the software’s collaborative features. Elation provides on-demand electronic patient chart access to other providers within a network. Practitioners save time by sharing updates directly from the EHR, immediately notifying other care team members so they can take action based on the most up-to-date clinical information. With on-demand access to patient information, practices no longer need to spend time faxing referrals, requesting records, or chasing down lab results.

Cons of Elation Health EHR

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  • Elation’s EHR is ideal for small to medium-sized independent primary care practices, including Internal Medicine, Geriatric, Family Medicine, and Pediatric providers and practices. Other specialty providers, such as Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Oncology, Integrative Medicine, and Naturopathy, may care for patients longitudinally and share some similarities with primary care providers. As a result, these providers may benefit from Elation’s clinical-first design and functionality. However, specialty providers beyond those listed previously may encounter challenges when using the software because they are looking for features that support their unique specialties, such as customizable options, templates, or workflows. At this time, there is limited support in the platform for those types of specialty-focused features.

Breakdown of core features

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Clinical EHR

Elation’s HIPAA-compliant ONC-certified EHR offers a clinical-first experience, empowering independent primary care physicians and their practices to deliver better patient care. With Elation, physicians and practices engage with patients before the visit through online patient appointment scheduling, appointment notifications and reminders, electronic intake forms, and its secure patient portal, Passport. Providers make the most of every patient encounter with Elation’s intuitive charting features, e-ordering, templated notes, automated coding, and clinical reminders.

A patient-centered approach to medicine is simpler with flexible care management tools, like the clinical profile, health maintenance, and care gaps. This EHR lets physicians communicate electronically with collaborating providers using cross-organization Elation messaging, chart sharing, and direct messaging features. The software streamlines charting and administrative tasks to optimize clinical thinking and automates coding to ensure practices get paid for the care delivered.


The system has a telehealth solution from the same platform as in-person care through a seamless virtual care workflow powered by Zoom. This feature includes appointments configured for video, custom visit instructions, and the ability to see patients virtually while charting. A single click starts the visit with no additional app downloads. Elation automatically generates everything patients need to join. Its three-panel view allows physicians to anchor the video feed so they can see and talk with the patient while simultaneously charting. The platform automates the documentation and coding for virtual care, enhancing billing and reimbursements.


Elation partners with labs and other software tools to create a comprehensive solution for practices that drives patient care and reduces manual work. Thoughtful integrations connect data to the point of care, letting physicians reliably receive important patient clinical information to deliver high-quality, proactive care. Electronic orders and results fit smoothly into workflows and reduce administrative burden. Clinical integrations like ePrescribing and EPCS make delivering care a more efficient experience.

Practice management

The software provides administrative and financial workflows from pre-visit to bill resolution. It brings tools for practices to manage patient demographics and insurance information and create electronic intake forms to send to patients before visits to reduce documentation overhead and in-office waiting times. Patients can book appointments through Elation’s patient portal and online booking site.

Moreover, the platform has front-office and billing tools to verify eligibility, prevent denials, and confidently submit clean claims to maximize cash flow. It also facilitates taking online patient payments. The software’s integrated e-fax feature tracks documents and delivers encrypted documents to physicians directly in the EHR. Its referral management and order tracking features let practices monitor patient follow-up care, while practice inbox, business reports, and bulk patient messaging features improve practice efficiency. Elation Health also provides 24/7 customer support right from the app.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    Computer and Technology, Healthcare, Software / Web Development
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  • Works Best For
    Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses





  • Cloud-based, open architecture
  • Clinical EHR
  • Telehealth powered by Zoom
  • Practice management
  • Patient engagement including Passport, a secure patient portal
  • Revenue cycle services
  • Patient billing and payment collection
  • Care coordination
  • Developer portal/API technology
  • iOS mobile apps for providers and patients
  • 24/7 live customer support


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Pricing Model

  • Monthly billing
  • Annual billing
  • Membership-based or direct care practices
  • Insurance-taking practices
  • Enterprise organizations


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