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About eXchange – eBid

Keith Jones founded eBid Systems in 1999. This privately held company has since become a leading supplier of e-Commerce software. In April 2014, international research facility FermiLab chose Keith’s ebid system to handle all their e-procurement needs. Keith’s mission in creating eBid Systems was “to take the pain out of the bid and proposal process for buying organizations.”

eBid Systems’ eXchange platform provides tools for managing the competitive bidding process through better supplier management, better sourcing through increased supplier competition and tighter contract management. One of the key features of this ebid system is the eBid eXchange Marketplace. It’s an online forum for bidding and tendering that makes it easy for buyers to create a competitive bidding process for suppliers. eBid Systems serves the engineering community, construction management and architectural fields and facilities managers. There are two ways to access the eBid eXchange Marketplace: one is to pay a flat fee per competitive bidding event, the other is to allow eBid Systems to collect a small fee from the winning bidder. This flexibility makes it suitable for small organizations who only need to source bids now and then. It’s also useful to consultants who handle the bidding details for their clients, and to organizations dedicated to e-procurement who would like to pilot-test a long-term sourcing option. eBid Systems also provides tools for public procurement via bidding. This e-commerce system brings several specific features to the government procurement sector, including tools to capture diversity information for MBE, DBE and other outreach programs, sealed bidding capabilities, messaging tools for bid solicitation and an audit log for cataloging changes, document views, and messages.

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