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About Celoxis

Founded in 2001, Celoxis Technologies is one of the global leaders in project management software — and one of the first SaaS companies in India. Over the last decade, Celoxis has specialized in delivering improved collaboration and increased efficiency for teams of all sizes. From small teams and projects to large, multi-million dollar projects, Celoxis software has managed it all.  An impressive client list includes companies such as: HBO, jetBlue Airways, the University of Washington, LG, KPMG, Del Monte, the Cleveland Clinic, and Lufthansa.

Celoxis is a project management software solution, available on-premise or via the cloud, that helps companies streamline management of project portfolios, timesheets, expenses, and business processes specific to their organization. Celoxis handles planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking, and reporting of complex portfolios. The advanced reporting, dashboards, and analysis capabilities of the software helps executives make informed decisions around resource investments, productivity, and profitability. 

A few of the more notable features include Celoxis’ robust scheduling, which packs all of your real-world conditions into one reliable schedule. It can accommodate geographically distributed project teams, part-time resources, unavoidable absences, interim resource swaps, and even one-off exceptions such as teams that work weekends to meet deadlines, all within the single project schedule. Additionally, Celoxis supports resource assignments in hours, so there is no more time spent working out allocations in percentages. Celoxis also supports time-constrained tasks with its ‘Manual’ scheduling mode. With the Custom Apps feature, Celoxis allows you to build your own apps to track bugs, issues, risks, or approvals; it’s ready to go, out-of-the-box, so you won’t need to use another application, spreadsheet, or email — everything is all in one place, along with your tasks. Furthermore,  it offers @mention capabilities and a centralized Notification Center, making communication and collaboration easy (while de-cluttering your inbox). Celoxis’ support services offer comprehensive documentation, access to an online community, email-based support, on-boarding programs, and one-on-one web-based training modules that help your organization get the most from your project management tool investment. 

Celoxis has updated features as well, such as new data visualization options and the ability to create scatter plots and color-code tasks in projects. You can also make bulk edits to projects and users as well as add multiple tasks and milestones to projects along with additional details such as resources, duration, or dates. A new UI facelift to Report Filters, Timers and key pages has made the platform easier and intuitive for users. A new context menu for Interactive Gantt has made it easier to perform key actions as well. is an online sports betting and eGaming service for customers in the United Kingdom and internationally. Betfred was having a tough time managing a huge volume of daily project requests through a collaboration tool focused on exchanging messages. They were looking for a project management system that could streamline their project management process and provide features to track the workflow, project progress, resource capacity and management planning. With Celoxis, Betfred’s project data is now stored in one place, making it easy to access, track, visualize and report.  They have seen a significant improvement in overall communication, reporting, and accountability across all projects.

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