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About Calligra Plan

Originating in 1998 as KOffice, this task management software company became known as Calligra in 2010. It started with three well made applications and, over time, has created five more. Calligra software is developed to be expandable and customizable with each other. It uses the OpenDocument format and KDE technology to run its project management applications. All software is also customizable to be able to run on different formats for ease of use.

As a project management application, Calligra Plan offers the robust, dynamic features required to manage large, complex projects. Calligra Plan allows team members to model their projects, visualize goals, and complete tasks in order to maximize productivity and profitability. Using Calligra Plan makes it easy to manage multiple resources. Resources can be assigned in different time zones and are organized into its own work breakdown schedule. ┬áCalligra has built several different types of task dependencies into Plan including the ability to schedule tasks and reschedule when needed, all while maintaining a copy of the original schedule for reference. With Calligra Plan, users can generate progress reports in order to maintain project and business oversight. Calligra’s Plan task management software keeps teams on the same page, working towards the same end goal. Tacking the progress of a project is made easy, with the option to show a simple percentage of the amount of project completed or show a more detailed time based on the time used per resource and an estimate of remaining effort needed.

Calligra’s Plan is a project management application that is designed to maximize your business’s efficiency.

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