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Workforce Analytics for Productivity Management and Employee Monitoring
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ActivTrak PremiumProduct Overview

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  4. Breakdown of core features

ActivTrak Premium product overview

ActivTrak Premium is the newest version of ActivTrak’s workforce analytics platform that provides a real-time digital pulse of work. It works no matter when or where people are working.

Launched in April 2021, ActivTrak Premium provides new insights to help organizations better understand and optimize productivity across complex work environments and empower employees to work wiser. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports help teams compile and correlate productivity data unique to their organizations. Teams can quickly spot patterns and signals, and set and track goals against benchmarks — with insights for managers and employees alike. ActivTrak Premium enables organizations to:

  • Recognize the patterns that lead to success and apply them broadly
  • Identify actionable insights to improve performance and ensure healthy work habits
  • Enable a culture of continuous improvement through goal setting and progress tracking

ActivTrak Premium also uniquely offers a new employee perspective that is especially powerful in helping individuals self-manage and self-motivate. It allows them to improve on strengths and weaknesses through data-driven reports and employee-centered dialogue.

Pros of ActivTrak Premium

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  • Complete view of productivity: ActivTrak goes beyond siloed systems and single-function tools to help organizations assess productivity in the workplace. Unlike traditional time tracking, employee monitoring apps, or HCM applications that collect real time employee feedback and sentiment, ActivTrak captures and analyzes digital activities and touchpoints that provide a complete view of how work actually gets done. Organizations can use these insights to help teams develop healthy work habits across focus, process, and technology use to improve productivity and outcomes.
  • Comprehensive work visibility: ActivTrak is designed with the organizational leader and team manager in mind, and grounded in the productivity methodology. ActivTrak’s technology provides comprehensive visibility into employees’ work days and helps managers identify productive behavioral patterns. With support, managers can easily replicate these productive patterns elsewhere in the organization. Built with a cloud-native SaaS architecture, ActivTrak offers rapid deployment and a low cost of ownership. ActivTrak highly considers employee privacy and provides flexible configuration options to enable transparency and collaboration to help everyone improve productivity.

Cons of ActivTrak Premium

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  • BI tool integrations: ActivTrak’s API for integrations could be more robust as integrations are via BI tools and not direct in product.
  • Ethical monitoring tools: ActivTrak does not do video capture and keylogging, which can be a con for some customers who want those features.

Breakdown of core features

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Focused work analysis/top workplace distractions

Organizations can get insights into how long teams are able to stay focused without interruptions. ActivTrak Premium provides a view of total work hours versus the number of productive and focused hours, track productive and focused time versus goals set by teams, and compare team efficiency to an organization’s average. Managers can understand which apps and sites affect productivity and focused work. They can view where time is spent to highlight unnecessary distractions and attention shifts created by inefficient workflows.

Work balance/employee burnout

ActivTrak Premium provides a view of work habits across teams to identify those that work long hours and off-hours on a consistent basis. Organizations can set utilization thresholds and see how settings impact team classification (overutilized, healthy, underutilized) and rebalance where people spend their time. Managers can also identify employees at risk of burnout and contributing factors such as digital exhaustion. The software helps users understand team member utilization levels by week, month, or year and provides a view of the average number of breaks per user per day within a selected date range.

Technology usage adoption/personal productivity insights

ActivTrak Premium includes a view of how technology is utilized. Users can measure adoption changes across teams and identify frequency of use and duration across top apps/sites and categories. The tool also lets users analyze adoption trends for specific apps/sites and categories by clicking and drilling down for more detail. The workforce analytics software provides insights into personal work habits so employees can understand what hinders or enables their own productivity, focus, and well-being. They can compare activity habits to team goals and trends. Employees can also view their focus time versus attention shift time and evaluate the apps/sites most involved in attention shifts.

Benchmarks and goal setting

ActivTrak Premium lets organizations use historic benchmarks to set and track future goals across teams. It provides a view of benchmarks and trends for productivity and focus across a team’s top quartile and average for yesterday, last week, last 4 weeks, and last 12 weeks. Users can also view daily trends to understand how productivity and focus have changed in the previous 12 weeks.

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Quick Facts

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  • Focused workforce analysis
  • Top workplace distractions
  • Workload balance
  • Employee burnout
  • Technology usage and adoption
  • Personal productivity insights
  • Benchmarks and goal setting


  • monday.com
  • Microsoft Teams
  • BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio)
  • Business apps via SQL (Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Xero)

Pricing Model

  • ActivTrak Free
  • ActivTrak Advanced
  • ActivTrak Premium
  • ActivTrak Enterprise


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