SAP SuccessFactors vs. BambooHR

HR Resources SAP SuccessFactors vs. BambooHR

SAP SuccessFactors vs. BambooHR

We compare SAP SuccessFactors and BambooHR to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Human Resources (HR) software solutions like SAP SuccessFactors and BambooHR  find the right people for the job and help manage them as they become part of your company. 

SAP SuccessFactors is a leading HR software with over 6,000 client accounts, while BambooHR has one of the highest satisfaction ratings. Both HR solutions have robust features that can help manage people more effectively.

We  compare the features of SAP SuccessFactors with BambooHR in this article to demonstrate how each software handles their key features. 

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An overview of SAP SuccessFactors vs. BambooHR

SAP SuccessFactors is an HR and talent management software widely used by international corporations. This HR software has features for core HR processes such as benefits management, employee profiles, self-service, time and attendance, recruiting, onboarding, and mobile app. SAP SuccessFactors can meet the needs of any business, big or small. It has high-end, quote-based pricing.

BambooHR is a top-rated HR software and applicant tracking system. It has features for recruiting, onboarding, benefits management, performance administration, reporting, time tracking, and mobile app. This HR software can handle the needs of small to mid-sized companies. It offers affordable, quote-based pricing.

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Comparing the features

SAP SuccessFactors and BambooHR have features for employee self-service, time and attendance, and mobile app:

Employee self-service

SAP SuccessFactors lets employees access and edit important information through employee self-service. With this feature, employees can view and file any type of absence. Real-time insight into their balances, overtime, and premiums are accessible, too. Employees can access, edit, and learn about their benefits. They can submit claims for reimbursements and allowances and view vital information, such as all claims, pensions, retirement plans, and savings accounts.

BambooHR’s self service feature lets employees access and update their own personal information in the system. Employees can keep an eye on how much PTO they’ve accrued and request time off. They can also see their time-off history. You can set up links to your company’s benefit providers, so employees can check these things for themselves. Celebration lists such as birthdays and work anniversaries and information on who’s out sick or on vacation can be viewed. The company directory is available on the employee self-service portal, too.

Time and attendance

The time and attendance feature of SAP SuccessFactors can help you with administrative tasks such as planning, recording, and approving absences. This feature lets you track working time and aids you in complying with labour agreements and local laws. The system has an automated calculation of employee time and pay. Administrators can get a summary of time accounts, analyze absences, edit employee records, and process alerts in a single place.

BambooHR’s time and attendance feature makes use of a vacation tracking software that’s easy to use. Whenever an employee makes a PTO request, their manager gets instant alerts via email, mobile, and BambooHR inbox. The system notifies the employee right away if their request is approved or denied and updates their PTO balance automatically. BambooHR also has a time-off calculator, where employees can check their current PTO balance. 

With this software, you can customize the PTO policy for a single team, location, or department to be aligned with any local holidays. BambooHR has a Who’s Out Calendar to help supervisors and administrators check who’s on sick leave or planned vacation at the full view of the calendar. Different types of reports can be created in Bamboo so you can easily analyze employee PTOs and look for trends if necessary.

Mobile app

The SAP SuccessFactors mobile app lets users view employee profiles and call, text, or email them directly from the app. Administrators can approve all requisitions quickly. The company’s organization chart may be viewed from the app. You can post your own text, photo, and video updates as well as add comments to entire documents, presentations, videos, and links. With the app, you can view your time-off balance. Submit time-off requests to your manager and let colleagues know when you will be away from the office. This mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Using the mobile app from BambooHR, employees can request time off easily, and managers can approve or deny it quickly no matter where they are. BambooHR has a centralized calendar that provides a clear view of the employees who are currently out and who have time off coming soon. Company-wide announcements can be made through the app and the employees will be alerted through push notifications. Same as with SAP SuccessFactors, the BambooHR is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store.


SAP Successfactors can be integrated with tools and software products for video conferencing, cloud integration, talent acquisition, behavioral assessment, and background screening:

    • Clairiti

    • eSkill

    • SkillSurvey

    • Boomi

    • Cisco WebEx

BambooHR ingrates with apps and platforms for applicant tracking, payroll, employee recognition, and time and attendance:

    • Indeed

    • Bonusly

    • Gusto

    • Deputy

    • Zapier

The better fit for your business

To determine which software fits your business better, look into the strengths and weaknesses of both SAP SuccessFactors and BambooHR.

SAP SuccessFactors’s self-service feature has more capabilities than that of BambooHR. For example, you can claim allowances and reimbursement through the SAP SuccessFactors’s self-service, which the latter currently doesn’t offer. However, SAP SuccessFactor can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for beginners. Some users have noted that it takes time to learn how to navigate the system. If you have tech-savvy HR employees, or if you’re willing to spend a long time training them to use the tool, then SAP SuccessFactors can be worth the wait.

BambooHR is more user-friendly and affordable. You can also make sure your employees won’t miss important announcements from the company as they get mobile app notifications. However, BambooHR’s employee self-service feature has limited capabilities.

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HR Resources SAP SuccessFactors vs. BambooHR