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Which HR software is better?

We compare PeopleSoft and Newton to help you find the best HR software for your business.

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Obtaining — and keeping — the best people to work for an organization is important. Businesses need Human Capital Management (HCM) to support its workforce needs. Thanks to the development of HCM software solutions, organizations have successfully changed the way they handle human resources (HR) tasks. These products have automated payroll, benefits, employee records, talent recruiting, time-off requests, and branding cultivation in one platform.

The HCM software umbrella encompasses time clock management, payroll, learning management, performance management, employee engagement, and applicant tracking and recruiting.

Let’s compare two popular HCM software solutions: PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR. We’ll consider their features, integrations, and pricing models to help you come up with a sound choice for your business’s software needs. Feel free to use our Product Selection Tool to get more options and receive five recommendations of HCM software solutions tailored to your requirements from our Technology Advisors. It’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t take more than five minutes.

PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR: An overview

PeopleSoft is an HCM software solution designed for large businesses with complex business requirements. It can be used across various industries such as sales, marketing, and service.  Deployable either on-premise or in the cloud, it comes with comprehensive HR features. Users can analyze employee and organizational data for improved workforce morale and efficient operations. Its automation features reduce work time and allow users to focus on tasks that require immediate attention. It has PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals that allows users to approve requests from anywhere.

Newton HR targets the recruitment of professionals across all industries. It’s fully-featured and gets updated with new features every six weeks to maintain timeliness and upgrade functionality. It can be used at every recruitment stage and streamlines the entire process. Users can utilize the product for attracting candidates, conducting interviews, sending out offer letters, onboarding new hires, and collaborating with HR personnel regarding the recruitment process.

PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR: A comparison of features

PeopleSoft provides services through modules:

  • Workforce management: PeopleSoft lets users clock in and out through its mobile functionality and manage their sick leaves from their Outlook email/calendar. It comes with resource and travel and expense management functionalities to help users manage labor costs.
  • Global Core HCM: Users can take advantage of the software’s real-time analytical tools, company directory, and self-service functionality. PeopleSoft provides support for companies that have multiple locations worldwide and offers benefits and payroll administration functions. North American and global countries can take advantage of integrations with third-party payroll systems and payroll solutions.
  • Talent management: PeopleSoft has features that encompass recruiting to succession planning. Users can utilize applications such as enterprise learning management, services procurement, incentive compensation, eCompensation, ePerformance, eDevelopment, and recruiting.
  • In-memory labor rules and monitoring: Users can make empowered business decisions through its real-time analytical tools built within the Oracle Exadata database architecture. PeopleSoft ensures businesses comply with overtime regulations by deploying time and labor policies to employees.

Newton HR attracts users through its set of features:

  • Newton’s Interview Scorecards: Newton HR uses Interview Scorecards that improve new hire quality through the collection of quantitative and qualitative feedback from interview teams. The results form the ‘Batting Average.’ This feature can be used to measure interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Newton Echo: Hiring managers can respond to requests from recruiters without logging into the system. Newton Echo lets users make interview feedback and review resumes with ease. They can accept or reject applicants through email and automatically update statuses such as setting up an interview schedule once a candidate has been chosen.
  • Streamlined workflow processes: Workflow and approval processes are done using a flexible system that indicates ‘Red is go and green is no.’ Requests are conveniently labeled to indicate approval or rejection.

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PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR: A comparison of prices

PeopleSoft is available through licenses and charges users on a per-user basis. It sets no minimum number of users but charges subscribers an additional fee for system upgrades.

Newton HR charges a monthly subscription fee for unlimited support and features, unlimited number of job posts, and unlimited number of users.

Interested parties can contact the vendors directly to request a quote and ensure they get the features and support their businesses need.

PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR: A comparison of integrations

As a product of Oracle, PeopleSoft can be used with the Oracle E-Business Suite and other apps such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and Siebel CRM.

Newton HR integrates seamlessly with pre-hire assessment solutions, HRIS and payroll connections, and job boards. Examples of these apps are GlobalHR, Career Builder, Sterling, Facebook, Ebi, Twitter, Google, GoodHire, Outmatch, Glassdoor, Monster, LinkedIn, Indeed, HireTech, and Paycor.

Make the best choice for your business

PeopleSoft and Newton HR are both useful HCM software products that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Business owners who want to utilize social media apps should go for Newton HR because of its integrations with commonly used applications like LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, and Twitter. For those businesses with multiple locations worldwide, PeopleSoft provides the best support because of its global HCM feature. It’s best to put your business requirements as the top priority when choosing your HCM software. 

If you need more options, use our free Product Selection Tool to get a list of recommended vendors that meet your requirements.

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HR Resources PeopleSoft vs. Newton HR