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What is zero trust software?

Zero trust software is a collection of security tools that require users, devices, and applications to verify their identities before allowing them access to the network. This reduces the attack surface, which makes it easier for IT to respond and remediate a cybersecurity breach.

Zero trust security assumes a cyber attack will occur at some point, so it works to minimize the damage that could occur. Because zero trust doesn’t solely rely on one method of authentication, it’s more difficult for attackers to initially bypass.

Additionally, access to one part of the network does not guarantee access to the entire network, limiting the damage a bad actor could cause or the information they could gather in a cyber breach. Zero trust software makes it less likely that someone who steals a device or credentials from an authorized user will be able to access sensitive company data.

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What are some zero trust software capabilities?

A successful zero trust architecture demands real-time visibility into the network, which typically requires automated device discovery to see everything that’s connected. Additionally, organizations will need multifactor authentication (MFA) or similar identity protection.

Zero trust software should also include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze behavior across the network. This ensures all access requests are legitimate and come from authorized users. Some companies sell all of these capabilities together in a comprehensive zero trust security suite.

One of the biggest benefits of zero trust technology is that it isn’t limited to cloud or on-premises environments. It’s a great option for businesses with hybrid deployments, allowing them to secure both remote and in-office employees, as well as all applications, regardless of where they are located. Zero trust architecture may also allow businesses in highly-regulated industries to meet compliance requirements even while using public cloud environments.

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