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Simple OKR management software for aligning goals with the business
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Unlock:OKRProduct Overview

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Unlock:OKR product overview

Unlock:OKR is an OKR tool that empowers teams and businesses of any size to align their goals with the business. It offers companies a unique combination of intuitive software and consulting to shorten onboarding timelines, decrease complexity, and maximize results.

The platform delivers light, almost invisible OKR software, enabling teams to embrace the framework in the flow of work. It unlocks the potential of organizations by transforming their workforce with global talent, training, and development programs. It also brings custom implementation plans, dedicated outcomes coaches, and self-paced learning portals — all designed around the adoption of the OKR framework, not the OKR tool.

Unlock:OKR comes with a Marketplace to help organizations create an integrated product to support workforce transformation. All applications seamlessly connect within the Unlock ecosystem with minor modifications to support different requirements.

Pros of Unlock:OKR

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  • Individuals of all ages and digital backgrounds rigorously test the software to ensure users can start utilizing the tool from the first day without countless user-training sessions or demos.
  • The tool gives instant access to actionable insights for CEO, managers, and individual contributors through role-based dashboards that are configurable further based on the needs of the organization.

Cons of Unlock:OKR

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  • It doesn’t have built-in email integrations.

Breakdown of core features

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Alignment maps

With Unlock:OKR’s alignment maps, individuals, teams, departments, or the entire organization can coordinate, prioritize, and focus their efforts on common yet crucial goals. The maps indicate the connection between objectives and key results from different levels of the organization, allowing users to comprehend where responsibility lies for specific KRs. This feature also explains a parent-child relationship between two or more objectives.


Conversation in Unlock:OKR can begin after creating an OKR. The conversation is public — besides the OKR owner, a contributor can be a part of it. Anyone in the organization can access the conversation section in every individual’s dashboard and engage in a conversation by liking it to express their sentiments.


Unlock:OKR check-ins keep managers updated about the employee’s weekly whereabouts, such as tasks completed, challenges faced, and the focus of work in the upcoming week. This feature stores all weekly records in one place and lets employees and managers stay on top of issues that may crop up when implementing a project. Users can share weekly updates to bring more transparency to work and organize thoughts and questions better, improving clarity.

(Last updated on 08/09/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

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  • People Map
  • Goal Map
  • Alignment Maps
  • Assignment
  • Feedback
  • Reporting
  • Unlock:LEARN
  • Unlock:PATHS
  • Unlock:CHAT
  • Archive OKR
  • Workday
  • Checkins
  • Views
  • Dashboard
  • User Profile
  • Conversations
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Team OKR


  • HubSpot
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zenefits
  • BambooHR
  • API integrations

Pricing Model

  • Per-user pricing


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