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About Aptean IMI

Founded in 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, Aptean has emerged as a leader in supply chain management software. Aptean now services more than 9,000 clients around the world and focuses their entire business model around three core values. Above all, Aptean wants their clients to be industry leaders. They provide tools, like their supply chain solutions, that maximize efficiency and others, like the warehouse management software, that focus on improving customer relationships. Aptean develops supply chain management software for companies across every industry, in every corner of the world.

Aptean’s IMI supply chain management software comes with features for every part of the process. Start with supply and demand planning. The system monitors historical usage to plan for future needs. In this way, the tool serves the same purpose as reliable inventory management software. It provides insightful supply chain analytics and helps prepare for busy seasons before they arrive. Clients use the tool to coordinate with trading partners and manage transportation in the same system.

IMI serves as a full supply chain solution. It even provides mobile and voice solutions in real-time. Take the information you need, wherever you want to go. With Aptean’s logistics management software, you are one step closer to becoming an industry leader.

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