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How to Choose Content for B2B Telemarketing Syndication

Finding assets that engage your target audience and jump-start meaningful conversations

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There are many ways to syndicate content (and generate leads), but syndication through telemarketing has proven to be one of the most popular for B2B companies. In a recent study by Placester, 39 percent of B2B marketers listed outbound telemarketing as the most effective lead generation tactic, above in-person events, online tactics, and traditional advertising.

Although telemarketing syndication is often outsourced to a third-party, it’s important for marketers to treat it as part of their core content marketing strategy, not as a pay-and-pray procedure. As Joe Pulizzi writes in Epic Content Marketing, “Traditional marketing has always been about getting products and services in front of the right audience. Content marketing is about meeting the informational needs of customers so they become interested in you.”

This ebook will teach marketers how to choose the best content for generating that kind of interest through outbound syndication. We’ll start with lead generation goals, then move into content selection and content curation.