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Zoho DocsProduct Overview

  1. About Zoho Docs
  2. Pros of Zoho Docs
  3. Cons of Zoho Docs
  4. Breakdown of core features

Zoho Docs product overview

Zoho Docs is an online document management solution for securely storing files. The software allows individuals and teams to create, upload, and share files of different formats without installing any software. Users can also collaborate and access their files from anywhere.

Zoho Docs keeps files in a centralized location and enables users to edit and view various file types, including documents, spreadsheets, videos, and pictures. Moreover, the solution streamlines real-time team collaboration and provides advanced tools such as Shared Folders, Tasks, and Groups for teams.

Pros of Zoho Docs

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  • It allows users to store large files. Users can save videos, product screenshots, and entire databases without worrying about file size.
  • It offers password-protected links that let teams control access to confidential information.

Cons of Zoho Docs

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  • According to users, the Zoho Docs mobile app needs improvement.

Breakdown of core features

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File storage

Zoho Docs supports zipped files, enabling users to unzip and store them in the appropriate folders. This feature also cuts downtime spent sorting files. Team members can transfer entire folders and sub-folders without scrambling the contents and save files to the cloud without hassle. Users can also skip downloading attachments to their desktop by sending files directly to Zoho Docs from their email account without logging in.

Online collaboration

The software facilitates collaboration on projects with coworkers, whether in the office or working remotely. It lets users stay flexible while maintaining control by tracking documents from ideation to publication from anywhere. In addition, it generates links that users can share privately or make public to everyone in the organization. Alternatively, users can interact with collaborators while at work using the software’s in-app chat feature.

Secure sharing

With Zoho Docs, users can create, edit, and share files from mobile phones, desktops, or any online browser without worrying about security. The solution meets industry-specific compliance standards like SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001. It uses a defense-in-depth approach to provide security at the physical, logical, and data levels. Furthermore, Zoho services run on a distributed grid architecture—which means a server failure will have the least noticeable impact on the systems and services.


Users can view files without having to open their laptops and take their work with them wherever they go with the Zoho Docs mobile app. Available on iOS and Android, the app empowers teams to view and edit important files without the trouble of opening their computer every time.

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  • Dropbox
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