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ZinierProduct Overview

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Zinier product overview

Zinier is a field service automation platform that helps companies optimize and automate their field service operations with AI-driven insights and recommendations. Unlike legacy solutions focusing on digitization, Zinier goes a step further, employing technology like AI and IoT. The native platform is built to enhance field service operations by embedding AI into processes. Zinier helps organizations better install, fix, and maintain the services that they rely on every day.

The AI-driven platform, ISAC, uses artificial intelligence, proactive insights, and an intuitive, all-in-one mobile experience to optimize an organization’s field service operations. Customers use Zinier to get more real-time visibility into the field, anticipate service disruptions through AI-driven recommendations, and improve operational efficiencies by automating manual back-office tasks.

Pros of Zinier

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Zinier’s platform-first approach allows companies to complement their existing systems, extend the solution to cover their specific use cases and needs, and enable AI-driven recommendations leading to intelligent automation. The platform allows companies to pull in any data source to extend their current data models, giving them the ability to stand up solutions next to their existing systems and extend workflows on top of Zinier’s platform rather than dealing with complex integration problems. Customers are also able to build their own solution packages with drag and drop functionality or simply customize workflows of the current solution to cover their specific business processes and rules.

Cons of Zinier

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Zinier’s full platform features and capabilities can be too much functionality for small businesses with less than 15-20 field technicians. Most small businesses do not need all the functionality that Zinier comes with.

Breakdown of core features

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AI-Driven Platform

Zinier allows you to integrate existing systems into its platform to bring all data into one place for its AI-driven platform, ISAC, to analyze. ISAC looks at every process within your field operation and recommends specific actions to boost productivity. You can then review each AI-driven recommendation as it comes in and choose which ones you want to act on. For example, if ISAC detects a delayed task or schedule conflict, it will automatically recommend which tasks you should reassign and to whom to prevent an SLA breach. ISAC is always running in the background, observing user actions and looking for ways to optimize processes.

Field Service Elements

Field Service Elements (FSE) contains all the core functions you need to manage a field service operation. FSE is built on top of Zinier’s AI-driven platform, ISAC. It automatically generates work orders and tasks, then auto-assigns each task to the most qualified available field technician. Equip each field technician with best-practice mobile workflows, then let coordinators monitor task progress, technician location and performance, asset condition, and much more with real-time dashboards.

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