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About Zephyr Health

Zephyr Health, from its offices in San Francisco and London, differentiates itself from other data management software and health data management application developers by helping its clients to recognize insights and connections from their data that are otherwise difficult to identify. Founded in 2011 by a former Johnson & Johnson data expert, Zephyr Health serves both medical researchers and practitioners.

The Zephyr platform is a cloud-based data management software solution which takes data that is structured or formatted to any degree — or not structured at all — and uses it to develop unique, “non-obvious” interpretations of client information. The Zephyr data management software platform acquires and integrates information from such diverse sources as customers, vendors and the public domain. The platform’s application program interface is itself structured according to the representational state transfer architectural style which focuses on the performance of components over implementation and protocol considerations. Zephyr components include configurable data driven models, cohort analysis, predictive analytics, data classification, and next-generation filing systems. Other features are visual queries and “non-obvious” data connections.

Zephyr health data management utilizes a number of security features in order to protect client information. These include data encryption, accounting practices that are certified by the American Institute of Certified Professional Accountants, and redundant databases. In addition to its primary application in the healthcare industry, the Zephyr platform is also designed to suit the needs of sales and marketing interests in need of more effective business intelligence software, big data management, and other data management solutions.

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