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ZenHubProduct Overview

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  2. Pros of ZenHub
  3. Cons of ZenHub
  4. Breakdown of core features

ZenHub product overview

ZenHub is a project management tool and collaboration platform that natively integrates into GitHub. It empowers agile teams and organizations to scale and ship code with enhanced visibility for software projects, automated experiences, and team productivity insights.

ZenHub gives agile process owners the key insights needed to make process improvements, meet tight deadlines, and drive real business value. Its real-time reporting helps identify risks and bottlenecks, while roadmaps ensure that teams always know where they are. Furthermore, the platform allows developers to remain in GitHub, eliminating distractions so that they can focus on shipping projects.

Pros of ZenHub

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  • It facilitates light-touch, automated agile experiences that improve efficiency and accuracy and limit unnecessary meetings.
  • Its clear, actionable insights enable users to course correct and ensure the team meets important deadlines.

Cons of ZenHub

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  • Some users reported system lagging and slowness.

Breakdown of core features

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Workflow automation

‍ZenHub Workflow Automation instantly syncs the project whenever GitHub issues are updated and completed. It eliminates bottlenecks, tedious tasks, and superfluous status check-ins. In addition, it lets users automate the repetitive tasks from the team’s workflow to save time and focus. Organizations can remove meetings to boost efficiency and make the most of the employees’ time.


The Reporting feature tracks work in GitHub to provide the entire team with real-time reports. Users can make estimates based on historical data, manage scope changes across long-term projects, and identify bottlenecks in the pipeline before they become a problem.


‍ZenHub Roadmaps gives every company stakeholder an accurate view of the progress of projects. From developers to the executive team, everyone can understand how their efforts contribute to a project’s success. The software fixes the disconnect between the work in GitHub and the roadmap reflecting the team’s progress.


Teams can manage work in ZenHub through Boards. Using the project’s GitHub issues, users can define a workspace, move issues between pipelines, and prioritize the work that matters most. Teams can also group multiple issues into a single epic for better planning and tracking.

With ZenHub Boards, users can combine multiple GitHub repositories into one workspace and workflow. Different teams can use the same repositories across multiple Boards.

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Quick Facts

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    Computer and Technology, Software / Web Development
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    Any Sized Businesses





  • Code Management
  • Customizable task boards and filters
  • Custom Issue templates
  • Issue dependencies
  • Workflow automation
  • Reporting


  • Slack
  • HipChat
  • Gitter
  • API integrations

Pricing Model

  • Growth
  • Enterprise


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