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About XVerify

XVerify is a cloud-based solution for real-time data verification. XVerify can verify email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses at point of entry which ensures incoming leads are legitimate while also combating fraud. XVerify validates the data before it ends up in marketer’s databases to reduce interaction with bad leads and to help boost campaign performance.

XVerify sits on top of a business’ web form while users are entering their contact data. If a mistake is made, the user will be prompted to correct it. With XVerify in place, users can be alerted to their error, make sure correct information is entered, and convert the lead. Each email address is checked to make sure the username is a real, registered account with the mail server, allowing marketers to interact with real leads. XVerify helps to eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, and prevent high-risk email addresses from entering the marketing funnel and ensure that a business can maintain a higher sender score. 

XVerify offers a Javascript plug-in for a quick and easy solution.  For more control, XVerify offers an API. For businesses without many tech resources, XVerify can be utilized by uploading the dataset via FTP or through web uploader tools. The drag-and-drop uploader is also ideal for businesses that have large datasets to clean up.

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