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About Xledger

Xledger is a highly automated and scalable cloud-based accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Xledger provides a high degree of automation of manual processes, and gives decision-makers business insight through access to real-time information, dashboards and various business intelligence and analytical tools. Xledger delivers maximum value to multi-entity dispersed organizations, project-based companies that are tracking time and expense, and nonprofits.

Xledger uses innovative technology to simplify business management – and has a strong emphasis on automation, bank integration, and electronic payments. This allows for automatic bank reconciliation, fully automated data entry from OCR scanned paper invoices, and many other automated processes. Automation not only saves labor, time, and money,  it also contributes to reduced errors.

One of Xledger’s key differentiators is the inheritance principle, which allows hierarchies to be configured automatically: each level inherits the rules from the level immediately above. Deviations from this can be made at the company or business unit level. Setting up a new company or business unit is made simple because the matrix is already designed at the enterprise level. This ensures savings in implementation effort and costs, and shortens the onboarding process.

You can easily move between various levels and companies in the enterprise structure without having to log in for each company or business unit. This enables easy and accurate cash management across a distributed organization, and you can free up front line resources by centralizing/automating back-office functions.

Xledger is used by international accounting firms as well as more than 6,000 companies, nonprofits, and public institutions in 30 countries.

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