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The team at XCD HR believes that HR Software should aid human resources processes in being three things: simple, transparent, and efficient. Accessible by mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, their web-based system is the ideal addition to a team that’s dispersed across several offices, both domestic and international. Approximately 15,000 users in 24 countries rely on this HR and recruitment software.

Fully customizable to match the needs of any HR department, this facet of the software has been praised by many of XCD HR’s clients, including Alpine Elements. A specialist holiday tour company, Alpine Elements needed to effectively manage a seasonal staff of 150. With custom XCD HR solutions, Alpine Elements has streamlined their administrative tasks. Tasks that once took hours, such as on-boarding letters and e-mails, now take minutes. Time-saving features like monthly payroll reports save the company hours of billable time, increasing profitability.

Client reviews also note that the self-service software eliminates the need for a middleman when employees require information typically filed away in HR. Employees are able to manage their own records, time-off requests, and time sheets. It also reduces workload by providing options for automation, alerts and tasks. The HR Software can be fully customized to match a company’s specific interface requirements.

Chris Mitford-Slade, XCD HR’s CEO and founder, describes his HR solutions as both affordable and useful, no matter if his clients come from large or small companies. In order to ensure that XCD HR’s software is as effective as possible, Mitford-Slade has built a team of both HR and IT professionals.

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