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Scalable embedded business intelligence platform
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Wyn EnterpriseProduct Overview

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Wyn Enterprise product overview

Wyn Enterprise, developed by GrapeCity, provides data visualization with real-time, interactive dashboards and BI reporting, self-service BI and multi-source data integration. With user-friendly designers made for self-service BI, Wyn offers limitless visual data exploration, allowing the everyday user to make data-driven decisions.

The embedded BI platform gives users across any vertical an intuitive portal for interacting with their data. Teams can add Wyn into the organization’s existing software applications, reducing end-user push-back and minimizing the learning curve. Designed for self-service BI, Wyn’s dashboards enable users to develop ad-hoc reports based on the secured data.

Wyn delivers embedded advanced analytics, interactive dashboards, and distributed reporting into any multi-tenant application with no data limitations.

Pros of Wyn Enterprise

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  • With Wyn’s self-service BI, organizations can eliminate dependence on IT departments and data analysts, resulting in accelerated results.
  • Businesses can seamlessly embed BI reports and real-time dashboards within company applications. Embedded BI brings disparate data sources together and combines them for simple analysis, offering a single source of truth.

Cons of Wyn Enterprise

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  • It lacks advanced documentation.

Breakdown of core features

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Advanced designer

Wyn has a familiar UI similar to a word processing web application but with additional data-driven features. The toolbox brings all the necessary components and controls to ensure high flexibility in the report creation process. It gives users the ability to create or edit reports without writing any code. Users can export designed reports in any format.

Report templates

The WynReports interface allows users to build and save numerous report templates, so report authors don’t need to create common reports from scratch every time. Users can utilize existing report templates to create future reports.

Interactive business intelligence dashboards

With Wyn’s dynamic BI dashboards, users can visualize, analyze, and identify trends. The software empowers end-users to design interactive dashboards to promote analysis and strategic decision-making. Team members can also create ad hoc visualizations and reports with drill-down and cross-filter functionality.

Embedded BI and analytics tools

Organizations can embed Wyn’s BI reports and real-time dashboards within their applications. As a result, companies can provide self-service capabilities for their end-users and leverage analytics as part of the standard workflow, enabling more data-driven decisions. Wyn lets businesses integrate dashboards into corporate applications with API and iFrame capabilities.

(Last updated on 09/07/2022 by Liz Laurente-Ticong)

Quick Facts

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  • Embedded BI
  • End-user BI Reports
  • Interactive BI Dashboards
  • Report Designers
  • Self-service BI
  • Built-in Multi-tenant Support
  • Scalable Architecture
  • White-label Solution


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Open API integrations

Pricing Model

  • Server-based licensing


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese