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WorkTangoProduct Overview

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WorkTango product overview

The WorkTango platform gives employees a voice and leaders actionable insight through a robust analytics engine that offers reporting in real time. This HR solution automatically collects and tabulates data. It also performs most of the interpretation, allowing the platform to be cost-competitive and move rapidly to the presentation of data and deployment of recommended actions. It enables clients to run reports on their own if they wish.

WorkTango delivers a myriad of reports accessible on the platform in real time. Users can select specific filters on these reports and sort them based on predetermined custom attributes, such as by location or department. Typically, these attributes automatically come from an HRIS system or through a manual excel data upload. However, users can include other interesting data points, like performance rating and potential rating. WorkTango collects and refactors additional employee attributes as a part of the survey process for the segmentation of responses. The system simplifies isolating filters or drilling into multi-filters.

WorkTango reports summarize and rank results by factors (i.e., engagement drivers) and questions. Moreover, filters of any custom attribute are applicable to all reports. Reports are online but users can export and print them.

Pros of WorkTango

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  • WorkTango’s Action Planning Tracking and Recommendations equips leaders with real-time dashboards and insights. Additionally, it supports leaders to act on feedback from their teams by tracking and measuring actions. Users can create actions through the platform’s Library or customize and build them from scratch. Viewing actions in the system is permission-based, and users can define who can see which action plans.
  • The software’s Anonymous Conversations allow HR/leaders to reply to employee open-ended survey responses. Without knowing who submitted the response, any user with permission can acknowledge great ideas or other addressable feedback. When leaders respond, however, the employee can see who responded. This recognition lets employees feel heard – no longer do their responses disappear into the black hole of employee surveys. Employees know that their feedback is making a difference.

Cons of WorkTango

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  • The product does not venture into other HR functions like performance management or HRIS.
  • WorkTango’s in-platform external benchmarking is not available yet and won’t be until around mid 2022. Currently, the software delivers external benchmarking outside of the platform as external reports.

Breakdown of core features

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Dashboards for leaders

The dashboard feature empowers leaders to see their hierarchy or direct reports. It streamlines seeing insights that are relevant to each leader in a summarized format. It includes a summary of responses in one view and key trends from previous surveys. WorkTango dashboards highlight scores that are higher or lower compared to the rest of the organization. HR teams can also isolate employee attributes to see an overview by any filter.

Learning coach

Users can choose support HR/leaders with articles, videos, and content from credible sources. The leader’s responses from the survey are the bases for the learning pieces of content and recommended action offered. WorkTango only serves learnings and actions to the relevant areas where leaders require support and have poor sentiments in responses. Learning content is also available on a self-access basis in the WorkTango Library. Users can search for specific learnings and actions using keywords or categories and save them for future reference.

Different survey types

WorkTango provides various survey types, such as Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, and Ad-hoc surveys.

Data access

The platform enables HR teams or leaders to configure what data users can view. Users can access reports that consist of employees within a specific attribute, like Location or Job Family. WorkTango values your privacy and confidentiality. They take pride in their Employee Promise: to keep your data secure, and to ensure employee anonymity whenever they designate a survey as anonymous.

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  • Anonymous Conversations
  • Different Survey Types
  • Data Access
  • Survey Management
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