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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Sescoi WorkPLAN

Founded in 1987, Sescoi’s goal was to help automate processes by providing custom project management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. It produced the WorkPLAN project management software for the manufacturing industry that was specifically developed to meet the needs of job-based, project-based, and custom manufacturing companies. The company was acquired in 2013 by Vero Software but continues to¬†produces the WorkPLAN.

With Sescoi, clients use the WorkPLAN project management software to build schedules, create estimates, send quotes, and track real costs. Sescoi specializes in providing solutions specifically tailored for manufacturing clients. Whether a client needs a resource to help register time spent, monitor prototypes, or subcontract to an outside resource, they use Sescoi to build software to fit their needs. Other available functions include quality management, serial production, job tracking, purchasing and stock management, and more. To help facilitate business efficiency, the software integrates with all SAP applications, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, payroll and accounting systems, and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems. These integration’s allow an easier operations workflow without changing already existing software programs within the business.¬†With online customer support and resources available to answer any questions, learning the system is easy to sue and implement.

WorkPLAN has tools designed to estimate, quote, schedule, register time spent, and track the cost of automotive, aerospace, ship-building, equipment, and construction projects. The customizable set of criteria variables for every project allow the complexity level and characteristics of each new project to be accurately defined. Many project management, custom manufacturing, die making, and mold making companies have experienced an increase in efficiency upon WorkPLAN implementation.

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