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About Worklio

Worklio has a strong reputation as a technology and business service provider, aiming to be your business partner rather than just another HR software vendor. Their product is a cloud-based human resource management solution that helps organizations manage people, pay, benefits, and daily tasks. Since their revenue model is based on benefits brokerage, Worklio’s basic edition is free for all business users, which makes it a scalable choice for any company, regardless of size.   

Worklio makes human resource management simple and efficient. From handling new hires to processing an employee’s exit, the platform provides all of the relevant documents and workflows. It also helps you stay on top of recruitment by tracking applicants and previously rejected candidates.

Employees will have access to a dashboard that displays their information (such as time off and tasks), and lets them make new requests: file for personal leave, check attendance, apply for benefits, check coverage balance, etc. Other core features include performance reviews, goal management, benefits administration, and payroll. The web app is compatible with just about any browser and supports mobile access through native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

Owing to its simplicity and negligible cost, Worklio is adaptable for use in companies belonging to a variety of industries, including banking, financial, healthcare, recruiting agencies, technology and just about any other industry or size.  

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