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Workgroups DaVinci EnterpriseProduct Overview

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Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise product overview

Workgroups DaVinci serves marketing, communications, and related teams within larger organizations. The software does this by providing a common intake point for work being requested, dynamic forms that allow teams to capture all relevant specs or details of the work, workflow templates that make scheduling simpler and more automated, and an integrated proofing tool that works with the project schedule and captures all feedback from stakeholders. Additionally, clients use the software’s reporting, time/cost tracking, and asset management tools to help them manage the full project from start to finish.

Workgroups DaVinci is generally used within marketing teams of 10 or more that are producing digital or print output to be used internally or externally. This can include print collateral, digital ads, web pages, signage, marketing and training videos, technical documents, installation instructions, medical forms, and much more. The software is highly configurable and capable of growing with teams as they do. Forms, workflow templates, notifications, and dashboards allow teams to tailor the tool for their business and also create unique user experiences for each of the types.

Pros of Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise

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WGD allows internal marketing teams to track and manage all proof feedback in one place. Connecting the proofing process to the project workflow allows organizations to standardize and track how work is finished when files are uploaded for review and what version of a file is most recent. You can also see who has approved, who has rejected, and who has not yet weighed in. With robust annotation features, including attaching files to comments, reviewers can make suggestions, reply to comments, request edits, and give final sign off for all types of work, including artwork, copy, print work, digital collateral, web pages, video and more. This can also be used on contracts, technical illustrations, medical forms, and any other documents requiring review and sign off.

Cons of Workgroups DaVinci Enterprise

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Historically, WGD has handled integrations on a case by case basis to best serve clients. They are planning on offering standard integrations in the future.

Breakdown of core features

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Digital proofing

Creatives, project managers, and coordinators can gather feedback and approval from all stakeholders involved in a project via WGD’s digital proofing tool. The project team can capture markups and get decisions on PDF, PNG, MP4, Word, PowerPoint files, and more. Reviewers can be brought in all at once or assigned in stages (Peer Review, Marcom Sign off, Client Review, Final Approval). Comments are updated as soon as they are saved so that reviewers can see and reply to other’s feedback or mark a review as private to allow multiple users to review at once without being distracted by other’s feedback. With robust version control and compare, an audit trail, search functionality, and export options, Workgroups DaVinci makes it possible to gather feedback, track edits, and gain approval from everyone who needs to weigh in on work.

Project forms

Workgroups DaVinci’s dynamic forms allow teams to define scope before work begins. Form details are captured with various text boxes, radio fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, and more. These details are dynamic based on work type (print, digital, packaging, etc.) and help ensure that the right questions are being asked. The form may be edited with all changes captured in the Job/Project History providing to one location to see all details and history.

Advanced workflow & scheduling

WGD allows for the creation of any number of workflow templates tied to Jobs and Projects. These templates include both Production and Review/Approval activities. Schedules and routing update automatically based on file revision and/or approval. Teams work more efficiently with less reliance on a traffic coordinator. Additionally, users are able to easily track time, materials, and dollars throughout the project.

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  • Dynamic Job/Project Request Forms
  • Digital Proofing
  • Advanced Workflow & Scheduling based on Work Type
  • Asset Management for Working and Final Files
  • Robust Reporting and Raw Data export
  • Commenting
  • Templates
  • SSO with Active Directory
  • WebCRD
  • Others as requested
  • Contact for Quote
  • English