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Workgroups DaVinci ProProduct Overview

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Workgroups DaVinci Pro product overview

Workgroups DaVinci Pro is an easy to use project management tool that enables teams to create marketing materials and all other supporting products, from product labels and packaging, point of purchase signage and displays, to user manuals and more. Complete each of these smoothly as separate projects with input from internal and external stakeholders. Workgroups DaVinci Pro lets you receive and manage requests, define and clarify the scope of each project, establish repeatable workflows that put the project in the hands of the right people at the right time, and receive and collaborate on feedback from all of your stakeholders.

Workgroups DaVinci Pro is designed to be powerful, yet easy to implement. Its form and workflow builders allow you to standardize your processes to take the pain of scope creep and infinite rounds of revisions out of your projects. The tool is also able to adjust when necessary because projects have many things that make them similar and unique.

Workgroups DaVinci Pro is used by busy marketers, creatives, and communications professionals, not project managers. It empowers these users to spend less time managing projects and more time doing work that matters — building the products that help people sell and use their products and services.

Pros of Workgroups DaVinci Pro

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  • Simple and easy to use – Workgroups DaVinci Pro offers an interface focused on simplicity. It is easy to configure and use. The drag-and-drop project form and task group (workflow) builders allow you to be up and running within minutes and hours. Quickly identify the project details you need to capture and the process you need to follow for each project type.
  • Collaborative proofing tool – Workgroups DaVinci promotes collaboration and feedback. Its proofing tool provides for collaborative, simple and clear review of all types of documents across hundreds of file types. Whether you are getting feedback on artwork concepts, checking the details on technical documentation, creating a new landing page, or reviewing a contract or materials list, its Proofer allows you to bring in an unlimited number of reviewers, capture their feedback, manage and review multiple versions, and get the final sign off all in one place.

Cons of Workgroups DaVinci Pro

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  • Users would like to see additional proofing features, such as export to PDF and color layer separation.

Breakdown of core features

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Form builder

Workgroups DaVinci Pro helps you define your project properly. For each project type you do (website, packaging, technical documentation, sales collateral, and others), the tool lets you understand what is required for success. From capturing a due date, identifying the audience, understanding the design specifications, to clearly articulating what a successful project looks like, the form builder helps set the table and guide the project. The drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to create as many unique forms as needed and auto-populate the appropriate questions and requirements based on the type of project being requested.

Task groups (workflows)

Workgroups DaVinci Pro enables your team to create standard task groups (workflows) that can be automatically pulled based on the project type. These task groups can be used with both Agile and Waterfall projects. Furthermore, those task groups, like your projects, can be modified as needed. Add tasks, delete tasks, change the order or duration of activities, or swap out for a completely different task group. With Workgroups DaVinci Pro, you can have a clearly defined process, stick to the process when necessary, but also be flexible when the project or situation changes. Get automation and agility at the same time.


Workgroups DaVinci Pro’s proof review and approval is innate to the software. Bring in all stakeholders at the appropriate time, collect their feedback, and encourage collaboration when appropriate. After you have made the required edits, easily manage and compare across all the various iterations and versions so you can see what changed, when, and why. Finally, get approval and sign-off. No more file attachments, unending email trails, and version chasing. Workgroups DaVinci Pro simplifies review and approval so that you are sure that anything that you are creating to be bought, sold, or used by someone else is the right product.

(Last updated on 02/02/2022 by Abby Dykes )

Quick Facts

  • Industry Specialties
    All Industries
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    Mid Sized Businesses, Small Sized Businesses




  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Drag-and-drop task group builder
  • Automated forms
  • Automated task groups
  • Digital proofing tool
  • Robust notifications


  • Adobe XD

Pricing Model

  • Per user, per year


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