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About Wonnova

Wonnova, based in Madrid, Spain has an easy-to-use and simple-to-implement gamification platform. Wonnova is a digital innovation company using gamification to help companies retain, motivate, and engage customers and employees. Wonnova’s gamification technology is multidisciplinary, adaptable and designed to transform problems into opportunities. Wonnova is designed for various industries including government, health, social services, and marketing.

Wonnova’s gamification services are designed to strengthen the relationship between business, customers, and employees. Wonnova helps businesses strengthen and improve users’ perceptions, experience and satisfaction with a brand, and product image. Wonnova works to solve employee engagement problems, turn leads into new clients, boost productivity through friendly competition, and improve workplace environment. Wonnova’s gamification services are fully configurable and designed to improve business perception and encourage a positive change in both client and employee behavior. Wonnova consults with companies to define and determine business problems and objectives before designing and integrating gamification strategy with business strategy. Wonnova’s gamification platform integrates into any web device.

Wonnova recognizes gamification benefits for improving behavior in social settings. Spain has embraced the power of gamification, and it is being used to improve the country’s national postal program. Wonnova recommends other social programs that gamification platforms could improve, such as improved community recycling efforts. Wonnova points to the improvement in Chinese recycling through gamification strategies designed to change social behavior.

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