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About Corrigo WON

Founded in 1999, Corrigo, based in Tualatin, Oregon, began providing its clients with “software as a service” (SaaS) solutions. It is notable that the phrase, SaaS, wasn’t coined until 2001. Before it had a name and when it was an emerging technology, Corrigo was developing it. Continuing to work with emerging technologies, Corrigo today is focused on wireless SaaS.

Corrigo currently produces a facilities management software application called the Work Order Network (WON). Being cloud based, it eliminates client costs of purchasing, repairing and upgrading software and servers. Also, the Work Order Network assists clients in becoming “paperless offices,” thereby saving customers much of the expense of stationery. Overall, WON  increase the visibility of client business processes and help them to monitor budgeting considerations while also automating work orders and tracking vendors. An all-in-one application, WON also includes a maintenance management software/computerize maintenance management software (CMMS) element. With Corrigo’s Intuit add-on, it becomes fully and seamlessly compatible with QuickBooks as well. Corrigo also offers a service business management application called WorkTrack. Its features include immediate assignment of work and dispatching solutions for assigned jobs, an invoice generator which allows field personnel to accept payment in any form — cash, check or credit — and payroll and accounting functions.

A number of large, well-known big names have used Corrigo’s services over the past two decades. For instance, fast-food giant Jack in the Box stated that after implementing Corrigo’s software application, they saw a 12-15% reduction in the overall cost of parts, in addition to saving their employee technician’s time. The ability to automate tasks in order to immediately compare inventory and spot checks in their system helped Jack in the Box to easily manage and meet all of their internal audit requirements. The Corrigo software application allowed Jack in the Box to maximize efficiency in inventory checks, and save money in their maintenance costs.

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