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TECSYS is headquartered in Montreal, but with locations in Europe and Latin America as well, they are poised to handle supply chain and warehouse management systems (WMS) on a global scale. Founded in 1983 and publicly traded since 1998, they have built an excellent reputation by focusing on warehouse and distribution operations. Their 500-plus corporate clients worldwide seem to agree.

To stay ahead of the competition, state-of-the art supply chain management (SCM)¬†software is a crucial tool. TECSYS’ warehouse management system is the perfect solution. As an industry leader, it features major advantages. Visual Logistics is the industry-first visual user interface. It delivers visual cues directly to workers on their handheld devices. Speeding up the communication process translates into thousands in labor efficiency savings. TECSYS’ warehouse management software has a voice/visual-on-voice choice to deal with language challenges. Combining voice technology with Visual Logistics is far more efficient than voice alone. This WMS is flexible and scalable, making it adaptable to the complexity and size of any organization. Accessibility is a breeze from any browser-based device. It also provides extended supply chain visibility so risks and opportunities are easily identified. Customers can track their own orders. Vendors can see the movement of their inventory within the warehouse. Sales representative have real-time information for orders. Customer service is optimized by the ability to track orders and shipments. These applications can be hosted, implemented on site, or deployed using software-as-a-service. The TECSYS warehouse management system is the most advanced on the market today.

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