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About Winddle

Winddle, founded in 2013,  is an online platform that helps businesses more effectively manage their procurement operations. Headquartered in Hong Kong with satellite offices in Paris and New York, Winddle is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to manage their supplier relationships, plan production, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

Founded by professionals with extensive procurement experience, Winddle is designed to enable effortless collaboration with partners, allowing all parties to instantly know and react to changes or delays. A project management tool for procurement, Winddle helps your team focus on the most valuable tasks and streamline your operations. Made to be used from product ideation through the end of production, Winddle provides a single platform where all information can be curated and updated. At ideation, the Winddle workshop feature allows your team to collect and share product-related content for distributed brainstorming and development sessions. When it’s time to send a request-for-quote (RFQ) to your suppliers, send them through Winddle and easily compare quotes side-by-side. During product development, Winddle lets you track your progress and set tasks and sub-tasks to keep you and your team on track. 

One Winddle customer enjoyed 40 percent lower email volume following implementation  — by consolidating all internal and external procurement or product-related communication in a single platform, Winddle helps keep your team focused and on top of all issues before they become issues. 

We recommend Winddle to any manufacturer or developer of products that coordinates more than a few suppliers, but especially to those companies wanting a solution with an easy-to-use API that will let them integrate it into their existing ERP technology stack.

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