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Human Capital Management Software is vital in the realm of human resources, where professionals are often bogged down by tedious paperwork. Everything from employee administration, to leave and travel management, to payroll, to legal reporting can keep a staff of HR professionals away from tasks that require their focus, empathy, and expertise. The team at WHIZTEC has developed their Human Capital Management Software in order to free up time for any human resources department. The automated system can be used to improve a department’s efficiency and streamline all of its processes. It features work analytics that can be referenced when setting goals and inspiring staffers, which will benefit an entire company, not just its HR department. Finally, this human resource management software can reduce a business’s reliance on paper. Utilizing WHIZTEC’s HCMS  solution allows HR staff to be more efficient and reduces operational costs.

This is just one of the many workplace innovations introduced by WHIZTEC since its inception in 1996. The team strives to create web-based platforms that streamline business processes for companies that range in size from medium to large. Their products — which range from supply chain management to customer relationship management — have been implemented by cargo airlines, couriers, ship owners and shipping lines to improve their overall efficiency.

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