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About Webtrends Analytics

A multi-channel measurement tool employed by thousands of companies worldwide, Webtrends Analytics offers users a simple way to analyze the vast quantity of customer data collected across their mobile, social and web-based marketing platforms. With a dashboard that culls data from all of these locations, as well as easy-to-understand reports, Multi-Channel Analytics goes beyond ordinary analytics software. Additionally, the Heatmaps overlay feature provides real-time analysis of a website’s activity by depicting light spots over the areas where there is significant traffic and dark spots where there is less. This means that company executives can identify problem areas and make critical changes to their platform more quickly. The software scales easily, allowing for unlimited amounts of data analysis, and all information gathered remains securely under the brand’s ownership. Furthermore, the Webtrends team customizes Multi-Channel Analytics to fit each company’s specific strategy and objectives. In this way, the web analytics software enables brands to more effectively attract, engage and monetize their customers. These capacities have persuaded brands around the world, including Coca-Cola, Orbitz and 3M, to implement Webtrends Analytics as their multi-channel measurement tool.

Webtrends Analytics is a product of Oregon-based Webtrends, a pioneer in the web analytics industry. Founded in 1993, the company’s integrated marketing solutions have helped thousands of brands worldwide more easily analyze customer behavior to enhance their productivity and appeal. To date, Webtrends serves approximately 2,000 customers in 60 countries with its digital solutions.

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