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About WebTech PLM

The WebTech product lifecycle management (PLM) software was designed to enable users to be as productive, efficient, and successful as possible. The software is available in two version; enterprise for larger organizations and more in-depth projects, and a cloud-based version with full PLM functionality, minimal upfront costs, and fast implementation. The cloud-based version of WebTech includes mobile compatibility for additional software access.

WebTech’s royalty manager module accelerates your organizations time to market while reducing development costs. This system is able of tracking product submissions, approvals, samples, and financial reporting. WebTech also has a customizable time sheet module for salespeople to easily generate their own time sheets instantaneously. In an attempt minimize the number of spreadsheets your company needs, WebTech has intuitive pricing, quotation management, and sample tracking. Stay on top of your projects with customizable alerts and notifications. WebTech’s manufacturing module helps companies shorten cycle times, hit target margins, and ensure compliance with design, supply chain, and manufacturing data.

In addition to project management and PLM software, WebTech also offers CRM modules with time tracking and action calendars for customer meetings. WebTech’s solutions all integrate with one another, in addition to integrating with many other systems from companies like Adobe and Sage.

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