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About WaveAccess

WaveAccess is a company that offers a customizable Gamification Tool designed for use in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With this tool, businesses are able to inspire members of a sales team to compete in friendly contests and gain recognition for their success. As a result, employees are more motivated and productive.

WaveAccess’ Microsoft CRM Gamification Tool helps businesses inspire employee participation in goal-oriented contests while earning recognition and rewards for their achievements. Through a user friendly interface, employees earn points for creating and updating tasks. Using a leader board, employees can then visually evaluate where they rank among peers. Ongoing participation in the CRM Gamification Tool provides businesses with a streamlined method of storing relevant client information and reducing duplicate work. A unique feature of this tool is its 10 question employee challenges that “quiz” employees about client details. This feature turns memorization into a game while improving client service. As more employees actively participate in the CRM, administrators are able to monitor performance-related statistics, identify top performers and establish unique company reward systems. Ranks and special titles are achievable through participation in the CRM tool, inspiring friendly competition and increasing productivity.

WaveAccess has worked with many brands to improve their level of service by engaging employees in creative ways. As gamification gains ground as a reliable engagement tool, top brands are choosing to use this technology to enhance employee engagement and highlight team strengths. By implementing WaveAccess’ CRM Gamification Tool, businesses can motivate employees to reach goals while providing team members with recognition and rewards.

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