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About Masonlane Wave

The Masonlane software company based in Phoenix, Arizona, was started by Jeff Mason. It is currently comprised of a group of programmers who specialize in databases and application design. The team and clientele is scattered across the country, but they are nearly 100% virtual and thereby able to offer full support to customers anywhere. The company focuses on small business and the educational sector. They aim to provide affordable all-in-one small business management software. Founded in 1998, the company is as small as the businesses it seeks to serve. Masonlane also creates school transportation logistics software, to aid in managing pupil transportation.

Wave by Masonlane is an online enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. With a full-featured calendar for scheduling tasks, and with instant messages and email updates included in the program, business owners can depend upon the inclusiveness of this small business management software. Serving customers in IT, pest control, air conditioning installation, and more, the Wave application is meant to be an all-in-one business management software that addresses all the operational requirements of various service industries. Small business management software can be disjointed, costly and difficult to master. Masonlane insists on its ability to avoid these pitfalls.

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