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About vWorkApp

vWorkApp was founded in 2008. Currently, offices are located in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. The company is a dispatch and online scheduling software that serves both medium and large service and transport businesses such as taxi and limousine, food delivery, trucking and more. vWorkApp sells its products online via cloud computing and works on consumer hardware such as smartphones and tablets as well as a browser web portal. vWorkApp’s workforce management software lets you create and customize jobs, monitor progress and analyze results. You have access to mapping and directions, real-time speed and location of workers and job status updates thanks to the integrated GPS. This not only modernizes your business, but improves its efficiency and visibility. With this service management software, you can see gaps in your schedule, assign projects more efficiently and re-assign automatically for optimum workflow. You can also provide your mobile workers with step-by-step instructions to ensure completion of the job. vWorkApp’s workforce management software’s customer portal gives you the tools to create customer accounts with all the information you need. You can work with customer databases, capture electronic signatures and upload photos to jobs. Other features that help simplify the job process include built-in barcode scanners and push notifications. The dispatching software comes fully equipped with alerts when jobs are created, assigned, accepted or declined and finished. Comprehensive reporting gives you all of the information about a job in high detail for analysis. This workforce management software not only helps to optimize your business, but also delights your customers with an excellent service. Customers can create and manage their own jobs, establish communication and reduce mistakes. The tools are available on mobile iOS and Android products both online and offline.

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