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Enterprise Businesses, Mid Sized Businesses

About Virtual Project Office

The Simplex Group started in 1984 as a software developer and soon began specializing in online project portfolio management. Some of the Simplex Group’s longstanding clients include Westinghouse, Bayer, Erie Insuranc,e and Mitsubishi. This client roster represents an ability to successfully operate across a broad range of the most competitive global industries. The company maintains a focus on the potential value of information. By organizing information effectively, its clients can realize value in data that had once served little purpose.

Simplex Group’s latest creation is its Virtual Project Office (VPO), a cloud-based project management application. Functions typically performed by task management software and portfolio management software are both incorporated into this single system. Clients can prioritize initiatives and tasks, select optimal portfolios, measure contribution, and schedule projects easily. Team collaboration is encouraged with VPO by incorporating a newsfeed feature that gives real-time updates on documents edited, projects completed, and more. VPO is cloud-based, allowing access from desktop computers and mobile devices alike. It is compatible with Microsoft Office tools, meaning a client can use Excel Services to efficiently find and organize data related to a task or project. Users will be familiar with its operation instead of needing specialized training to work with it.

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