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About Logility Voyager

Logility was founded in 1996 and is a leading provider of supply chain optimization software. Logility is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has more than 1,250 customers around the world. American Software, Inc. is Logility’s parent company.

Logility’s Voyager Solutions software suite offers modular solutions for supply chain management. It features modules for effective sourcing of materials, reduction of costs and enhancement of manufacturing and production plans. The Voyager Supply Planning module is a solution for supply chain management planning. It helps users find the most cost-effective ways to meet identified goals while increasing profits. The Voyager Replenishment Planning module clarifies future demands and what will be required to meet those demands, thereby making planning for material requirements easier. The Voyager Manufacturing Planning software module is a solution for production planning in space-strained environments. These supply chain optimization software modules support multi-tiered manufacturing and distribution processes while allowing for bigger profit margins through more effective planning.

The Dow Chemical Company, the largest chemical company in the United States, needed to reduce inventory, improve efficiency and increase visibility across its plants. They deployed the Logility Voyager Manufacturing Planning software module. Dow immediately benefited from a 75 percent increase in planning efficiency. They were able to decrease the planning labor force by 50 percent while centralizing planning, and ultimately they realized a nearly 100 percent increase in planning efficiency. They were able to reduce inventory of off-grade material by 2 percent, which was a savings of $120 million.

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