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Founded in 2001, DB Streams provides telecommunication solutions for a range of commercial markets. DB Streams’s Voicer Suite CRM offers businesses of all sizes a cloud-based solution for optimizing their internal customer relationship processes, increasing their revenue and managing their billing.

The Voicer Suite software includes a range of features for improving business processes. An integrated client database provides a platform from which companies can build detailed profiles for each of their clients with information like company size, industry, and website. This same database can store historical information about each contact so sales representatives know which stage of the sales funnel each account is in and can determine what action to take next.

In terms of marketing, Voicer Suite offers businesses tools for integrating contact forms directly into ongoing marketing campaigns, increasing the likelihood of generating leads. This software’s functionality also expands to sales forecasting and business intelligence, which inform administrators about how best to focus their marketing efforts. Content management tools let businesses align their sales efforts with the marketing material they’re sharing online. By combining the features of a CRM with those of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Voicer Suite supplies companies with a centralized software solution where they can manage their finances, inventory and billing from a single platform.

A small business based in Toronto, Canada needed a comprehensive software solution for managing their finances, marketing strategy and customer contacts. After initially trying to create a platform in-house, this business quickly turned to vendors for an answer. After choosing Voicer Suite, this Toronto business was able to streamline its billing processes and reduce redundant sales calls, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

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