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About Visual IQ

Marketing attribution software allows the user to understand the combination of events that inspire consumers to purchase products. Visual IQ is the leader in the cross-channel marketing attribution software industry. Founded in 2006, Visual IQ has a suite of software products known as the IQ Intelligence Suite. Visual IQ was a finalist in the 2013 Digital Analytics Association Excellence Awards and the 2013 CODiE Awards.

The IQ Intelligence Suite has five multi-marketing software products that enable cross-channel marketing optimization and measurement. IQ Envoy enables a better understanding of cross-campaign and channel attribution. It uses the most accurate modeling process to calculate success metrics, which reveal the actual value of marketing campaigns. This enables you to optimize your marketing tactics toward actionable results. Audience IQ is one product that helps users of IQ Envoy to design reliable strategies for audience interaction by revealing customer characteristics. IQ Sage is a market-recommendation product that provides tools that model potential changes in your marketing strategies. IQ Deploy pushes attributed data into media buying platforms, optimizing media buys, and eliminates the need for manual entry of these buys. IQ Insight presents the data that has been collected through its easy-to-use but dynamic reporting interface, with a wide variety of reporting options.

Visual IQ’s IQ Intelligence Suite provides marketers with the tools to make informed decisions on media purchases and connects them with their customers.

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