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About Venture Spirit

Venture Spirit is a solutions company that provides gamification services for growing businesses and enterprise-level clients. They specialize in gamifying employee engagement, resulting in more loyal, active, and motivated employees. This flexible and customizable platform increases engagement and productivity through branded competitions.

Venture Spirit’s platform appeals to brands seeking a unique solution to increasing engagement and loyalty among employees. Unlike other gamification companies, Venture Spirit features a full menu of tools and services designed to engage employees across an entire organization, meaning all employees, at every level, are able to participate. Using Venture Spirit, companies can launch a competition aimed at bringing out the professional talent in employees. Venture Spirit’s game allows companies to assign player roles to employees, like entrepreneur, talent and investor. The game then allows employees to contribute their expertise to solving a defined problem after which the top producers are awarded recognition. This use of gamification results in voluntary participation from employees, increased engagement and removes barriers to company-wide innovation.

Venture Spirit has been implemented by leading brands across the globe to inspire collaboration, employee engagement and increased productivity. Philips Research, one of Venture Spirit’s early customers, needed a unique solution to help engage members of their global research team. Venture Spirit designed a custom game, Scout Out!, specifically for Philips Research. Scout Out! incorporated gamification and Philips Research’s industry-specific terminology to create a branded game for employees. As a result, Philips Research was able to inspire their research team to collaborate and form partnerships leading to innovation.

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