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About Vena Solutions

Vena Solutions is a provider of a eponymous corporate performance management solution that makes finance, accounting, and business processes more efficient. Available on-premise or via a cloud delivery, Vena’s CPM solution integrates natively with Microsoft Excel and augments it with a superior in-memory database, robust security features, a customizable workflow engine, and enterprise-grade collaboration tools. 

Typical areas that Vena can address are Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting, including strong features to support the Financial Close or Month-End Close (e.g. Account Reconciliations, Accruals and Regulatory Reporting). Implementation of the Vena Solution is simple, as it takes existing spreadsheets and integrates them into its centralized management interface, where you can audit, automate workflows and business rules, and see updates in real-time — all while keeping users in Excel. As long as users understand Excel, they can work with the Vena solution. The Vena even supports some mobile access, allowing users to assign tasks, review workflows, view alerts, and monitor status updates from any web-connected mobile device.

Most enterprise business intelligence software vendors today try to replicate the user experience and functionality of Excel for data entry and reporting. They add web-based access, a central data repository and automated workflows to spreadsheet-like interfaces to create a solution that users will be comfortable with. Unfortunately, people are often slow to adopt an interface that only superficially resembles the one they’ve been using for years. The result? People revert to Excel to collect, consolidate, analyze and report on data. They perform vital business functions without data validation rules, controls or management approval. The proliferation of uncontrolled spreadsheets can result in duplicate efforts and introduce a range of risks. Why should you settle for a solution that tries to mimic Excel when you can have one that leverages native Excel and offers all the structure and security you need?

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(Last updated on 03/21/2016)

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