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About Vembu ImageBackup

Vembu ImageBackup offers comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for Windows IT environment. It backs up entire disk image of Windows Servers, Desktops and Laptops including operating system, applications and files. During system crash or any major disaster, Bare-metal Recovery (BMR) helps to recover the backed up Windows machines into same or different hardware. Additionally, Vembu ImageBackup helps you to migrate the Windows Servers and Workstations from physical environment to VMware or Hyper-V environment (P2V).

Backs up the entire system including all volumes or you can select any individual volume for backup. Vembu ImageBackup also supports MBR and GPT disks, Defragmented disks, Disks greater than 2TB, Windows Servers with pass-through disks. Vembu ImageBackup can incrementally stream backup and initiate instant recovery of complete system with built-in P2V support. By combining the power of application consistent snapshots using Microsoft VSS writer and our scalable & patented block file system, IT Managers can now initiate complete system restore in minutes.

Vembu Changed Block Tracking (CBT) Driver actively tracks the changes in between incremental backups and backup only the modified blocks (i.e., data) to the BDR backup server. Vembu ImageBackup ensures industry best recovery time objectives (RTO) < 15 minutes by delivering quick recovery features, which helps you to recover entire Windows physical machines including OS and applications, individual files and individual items from Microsoft Applications.

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